Exchange    *These cameras are no longer in my collection

Here Ive placed cameras Id like to exchange for some Polish cameras I dont yet have in my collection. I prefer to swap rather then sell them, although the cameras Im looking for Im willing to buy. I'm interested in basically everything linked to Polish photography, cameras, equipment and their history. I'm very eager to to exchange or buy pre- or post- war cameras (including the exported ones) such as Start Noco flex, Uniflex66 , Fenix, the exported Zefir, Alfa "Varimex", other colours other than the ones I already posess of the camera Alfa, other interesting varieties of Druh (eg. in colours other than black). For a bigger view and a detailed description of the below equipment, just click on the minatures.

Thornward B Montgomery Ward &co Chicago1900.


Curt Bentzin Gorlitz 1923.
 Lens - Friedrich Munchen.


Target Brownie SIX-16, 1946 Rochester N.Y. Esteman Kodak Company.

Zorka C 1950,
in a gold coloured version.


Kodak Eastman Film Tank. Film developing tank from 1910, produced in the US.

Kodak  Film Tank  from 1914 with the manual and rare chemicals. Produced by Kodak- Australia.

Dallan Film Developing Tank,
  produced in 1912 in England.

Kiev 30 MIni camera
for 16 mm films,

Korona Gundlach-Manhattan Optical&co.Rochester. N.Y.Rok 1898..


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