Camera "Start" 1953-1954

First Polish made camera after WWII.
The first model produced with black paint on the rim of the face and only a 1,000 cameras was made in "Warszawski Zaklad Kinotechniczny" which is a twin lense reflex.

The technical description:
-Format 6x6cm
-Lenses "Euktar" 1:4, eyeview is 1:3.5 & 75mm
-Centre Shutter 1/10 to 1/200 and B

Start czarny



Camera "Start" 1954-1960
This version doesn't have the black paint as it is now just metallic.

Camera "Start II" 1960-1965
In the first ideas for the production of this camera it was to be name "Duoflex".
This version was to be only used for the professional photographers and advanced amatures.
The technical description:
-Lens "Euktar" 1:3.5/75mm
-Shutter "Valor" 1/10 to 1/250s and B
-Faster film drive by the handle
-Automatic frame counter



Camera "Start B" 1960-1967
It is a modified and upgraded version of the original "START"
and with also certain parts from "START II".
It was exported and sold with the names of "Noco Flex"
 66" to Netherlands and "Universa Uniflex perhaps to Germany.
The technical description:
-Shutter 1/10 to 1/250s
-Lens "Euktar" and then later "Emitar"



Camera "Start 66" 1969-1970
This version differs from the earlier model by the shaping of the camera.


Camera "Start 66" Green
It is one of my pearls from my collection. It is an unique version, which is painted green by a lacquer.

Start "zielony"


Start "White"

Start "white"


Camera "Start 66 S" 1970-1985
It is the last Polish camera made in the 20th centuary.
The technical description:
- Lens Emitar 1: 3.5 / 75 mm
- Shutter 1/ 15 do 1 / 250s i B

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