"Janpol Color"  enlargin lens

The lens is designed for colour photography but it manages black and white prints just as well. The innovatory construction formed by Polish engineers doesnt have an equivalent anywhere else in the world. The correction of colour takes place inside of the camera with the use of calibrated knobs on protruding filtres. The constructors from the Warsaw Photooptical Institutes could gloat over the amazingly precise handiwork and revolutionaly construction of this camera. It's such a shame that in those days, the income from sales didn't go into the pocket of.a private owner. Otherwise "Janpol Color" would surely be standard equipment in darkrooms all over the world.



"Amar" from 1980 enlarging lens

 Manufactured like most optic accessories in Polish Optic Institutes. Exported by "Varimex".
Focal: 105/4.

 "Mikar" from 1993 enlarging lens
Exported to other countries but in Poland mainly used in zooming lenses "Krokus".


"Amilux" 1976 flash lamp
Lamp with flash bulbs produced in the Invalid co-op "Wielkopolanka" in Grodzisk Wielkopolski.


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