Camera "Fenix-I" 1958-1962

In the first idea Fenix-I it was to be "reflex". This idea was given up for "rangefinder".
It has an intersting construction of their shutter which was released by a tiny thread.Solid body, good lens and modern looks and also application of rangefinder in Fenix II made camera popular on market.
Other versions of Fenix were Fenix I b and Fenix II b.
Fenix was exported by the name Zefir.
The technical description:
- Format 24 x 36 mm
- Lens "Euktar" 1:2.8/ 45 mm
-Shutter 1/10 to 1/250s and B
-Fast film drive by small lever
-Automatic frame counter



Camera "Fenix II"

The difference between Fenix I and Fenix II was in application of half-rangefinder.

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